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Economic Redevelopment

The Shelton Economic Development Corporation, as implementing agency for the City of Shelton, has focused primarily on the revitalization of the downtown corridor.  Grants awarded from state and federal agencies such as the U. S. EPA and CT Department of Economic and Community Development are administered by the Corporation.

Environmental Remediation * Infrastructure Redevelopment * Blight Removal * Hazardous Abatement

Grant Administration

US EPA Grant Award - 2016

Regional Partnerships

A 19-town regional partnership referred to as the Naugatuck Valley Corridor/Economic Development District is administered by the Shelton Economic Development Corporation.  This district must be in place prior to being considered for grants from the U. S. EDA.

CEDS Management * Grant Administration * Planning * Technical Assistance * All-American Valley 

Community Support

The Shelton Economic Development Corporation also partners with the city's Economic Development Commission, in particular, with the Shelton Life publications, and the city's Citizens Advisory Board. 

Plan Zoning Consult * Community Liaison * Business Promotion * Site Location Assistance * Marketing

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