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Raymond P. Lavietes Award


Each year the Shelton Economic Development Corporation honors a board member with the Raymond P. Lavietes Leadership Award.  This award is made in the spirit of the special contribution and example which Ray Lavietes, a friend and former SEDC Board member, made to the community and other communities.  It recognizes those in the community who truly make a difference.


Ray Lavietes favorite quote which he attributed to his father Abraham Lavietes was “Make it a better world for your having passed through it”. Truer words were never spoken as Ray left a legacy of accomplishment which is living proof of his creed and reflected the attributes of a true leader possessed of great vision. 


This award has been instituted in Ray’s memory for his “Leadership and Vision”. He is gone but not forgotten.  The community is lucky to have volunteers follow in Ray’s footstep


2003 - Mayor Mark Lauretti*

2004 - Kenneth E. Schaible

2005 - Fred Musante

2006 - Norman K. Santa

2007 - David M. Grant

2008 - Ralph Matto

2009 - Martin Coughlin

2010 - Jim Oram

2011 - William C. Partington

2012 - Fred Ruggio

2013 - George Ryan

2014 - Patrick Carey

2015 - Ruth Parkins

2017 - Frank Osak
* First Recipient Awarded at SEDC 20th Anniversary Ceremony

2018 - S. Guy Beardsley

2019 - John F. Anglace, Jr.

2020 - Susan Coyle (in memory of)

2022 - Janice Sheehy

2023 - Manny Weinberg

2024 - James E. Ryan

2025 - To Be Determined

Patrick Carey Receives Award from Mayor Mark A. Lauretti
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