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SEDC Executive Board
Redevelopment Objectives

The Shelton Economic Development Corporation's primary objective is to evaluate the environmental conditions on each property located along Canal Street and to evaluate whether the buildings or soil contain any hazardous materials or residual chemical contamination.  Typical hazardous building materials may include asbestos, lead and PCB materials while pollutants within soils and groundwater may include petroleum based contaminants, arsenic, cyanide, and various other elements.

The goal of this effort is to devise a plan to address the environmental / building contamination issues, effect the successful clean-up and put these properties back into productive reuse.     

Environmental Remediation

The City of Shelton has identified 17 properties along Canal Street that border the Housatonic River.  Currently six properties have been remediated and five others are currently under active clean-up. 

Anti-Blight Program

The industrial revolution, which led downtoiwn Shelton to prominence has come to an end.  Over the past two decades, the City has undertaken an active Anti-Blight program that has torn down many blighted buildings and restored other to effective reuse.  

Public open Spaces

Balanced development is a goal of the city.  This is evident with the purchase of open space throughout Shelton.  Examples include the Housatonic Riverwalk, Veterans Memorial Park and the public trails system within the community.

Infrastructure Improvements

The City of Shelton has invested significant dollars into the public infrastructure along Canal Street. Nearly one mile of road reconstruction has taken place that includes the installation of underground electrical service, sidewalks, and decorative lighting.

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