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Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission is incorporated as a section of the city's duly adopted City Charter.  The organization of the Commission includes a five-member board of Shelton electors approved by the Mayor, and its powers conform to those described by state statute.  The Commission historically has taken on the responsibility for the development of advertisements and related marketing materials.  The Commission develops an aggressive marketing campaign to promote Shelton's positive image and retain businesses as well as attract new ones.  

Citizens Advisory Board

The Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) consists of 10 volunteers appointed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The group is non-partisan with members comprised of residents from the downtown and outlying neighborhoods. Annually, a Chairperson (who also serves as a director of the SEDC), Vice Chairperson and Secretary are elected. The mission of the CAB is to provide input to the Shelton Economic Development Corporation and to the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, Planning and Zoning and other city boards and commissions and in certain cases, state and federal agencies.

Planning and Zoning

The six regular and two alternate members elected to the Planning and Zoning  Commission are the custodians and designers of Shelton’s future plans and development. They ensure that all new development is in the city’s best interest, consistent with the Plan of Development and makes the best use of available land.  The Planning and Zoning Administrator works closely with the Corporation and the Downtown Advisory Committee of Planning and Zoning hold meetings at the offices of the Shelton Economic Development Corporation.  

Conservation Commission

Comprised of seven volunteers appointed by the Mayor, their mission is to preserve and maintain the natural resources found throughout Shelton. The Conservation Commission is an advisory board only that makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen.

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