"The Shelton Economic Development Corporation promotes the economic development and public welfare of the City of Shelton.  Emphasis continues on the downtown corridor with the city's important brownfields work.  Public and private partnerships have prospered. The Shelton Economic Development Corporation's Board of Directors continues to support this work resulting in a safer and balanced community."

William C. Partington, Chairman

Board of Directors

The Shelton Economic Development Corporation is governed by a 40-member Board of Directors comprising of local residents, members of the business community and municipal representatives who have an interest in the economic development efforts of the City of Shelton.  The day-to-day operations are managed and supported by a President and Assistant and a 12-member Executive Board, which board is represented on the organization's Board of Directors.

  • Beardsley, Guy
    Guy's ECO Garden/Chairman Citizens Advisory Board

  • Bentlage, Karen
    Future Industries/EWC

  • Buynak, Kristi

       Lockheed Martin

  • Camerino-Schultz, Elizabeth

  • Caponi, Robert T.*

  • Carbone, Bing
    Modern Plastics

  • Carey, Patrick*
    Carey and Guarrera Real Estate

  • Cerritelli, Madelyn
    Conti Rentals

  • Champagne, Derrick
    Pitney Bowes

  • Coughlin, Martin*
    Coughlin Associates                        

  • D’Addario, Thomas
    D'Addario GMC

  • DaSilva, Al
    DSA Corporation

  • DeMarseilles, Edward R.
    Curtiss-Ryan Honda

  • Gehr, Paul

       Peoples United Bank

  • Harbinson, Tom                        Jones Family Farms

  • Harger, Virignia*                    Chairman, Planning and Zoning 

  • Jones, Terry

       Jones Family Farms

  • Kawalautzki, Michelle*                Dana's Pond Construction

  • Lauretti, Mark A.*
    Mayor, City of Shelton

  • Loffredo, Brian

  • Lopez-Cordone, Eileen*
    United Illuminating Co.

  • Marcinek, Michael
    Fletcher Thompson

  • Marks, Kate                                  Marks of Design

  • Martins, Alberto*
    PKFO, O'Connor & Davies

  • McCreery III, Esq.,  Edward 

       Pullman and Comley

  • Melisi, Angelo                             Bridge Street Partners

  • Paolozzi, Albert                       Newtown Savings Bank

  • Parkins, Ruth*                               Iroquois Gas Transmission System

  • Partington,  William C.*

       Board Chair

  • Ruggio, Fred*
    Healthcare Solutions Group

  • Schaible, Kenneth E.

       Key Development

  • Schauwecker, Linda

       Real Estate Two

  • Scinto, Robert
    R.D. Scinto Incorporated

  • Sheehy, Janice*
    Webster Bank

  • Stanziale, Don

       Midland Development

  • Tyma, Alan

       Ryan  & Tyma, LLP

  • Wadhwani, Dr. Ramesh
    SAIsystems, International

  • Weinberg, Manny
    M. Herb

  • White, Phil
    Better Packages, Inc.

  • Wilson, Charles
    Wilson Agency                                                                            *12 members of the Executive Board

       40-member Board 

  • Ryan, George** (Honorary)

       Curtiss-Ryan Honda

     **Moved to Honorary

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